Thysa Zevenbergen brings the manta ray to life on this stunning blue towel with her precise paper cut-out technique. Starting with bird cut-outs, Thysa now makes cut-outs of all types of animals. 

"Every airy cut in the paper I make is hand drawn, I do not set up my cuts with pencil, my work is direct and from the heart. At first I was shy and still searching so I started off small, and as I continued to develop myself. As time passed my birds grew in size, beauty and complexity. No feather is the same, every cut is unique." Check out more of Thysa's work here

Elena O'Neill, the creative behind our Shark towel design, is an English illustrator and pattern designer specialising in watercolour. Elena's art is inspired by her life in the English countryside, where she lives, just three miles from Stonehenge.

"While studying for my degree in Illustration at Plymouth College of Art, I discovered my love for watercolours and soon became obsessed with it! The freedom and unexpected texture of the paint is so exhilarating and I love that element of fear, as once you've made a mistake theres no going back." Check out more of Elena's work here.

Joanne Ho, the designer behind our Sea Turtle towel design, is a New Zealand-based painter whose work instantly transports you to the pools, deserts and jungles of your dreams. Joanne's preferred medium is gouache or acrylic gouache, pencil and watercolor paper.


“The vibe of my work really comes from a "where I want to be right now” mentality. I never intended for my works to have deep and meaningful stories behind them—I just want viewers to be happy and excited from feeling like they were somewhere special, or to be delighted by the color palette." Check out more of Joanne's work here.