Copy of How can I contribute?

We founded Beastie Royalties because we wanted to do more than send a monthly check to wildlife charities. We want to take action. Besides spreading awareness and donating 5% of sales to wildlife charities, we want to support heroes like yourself to take action.

Together let's protect our precious wildlife for future generations and for the planet.

Here are a few ways you can contribute:

    • Educate yourself about the wildlife crisis; check out these documentaries, books and TedTalks
    • Share your insights with others on social media; let your friends know what they can do to help
    • Host a movie screening; for instance check out this awesome "Chasing Coral" screening guide


    • Participate in a beach clean up or other local initiative
    • Use your unique talents. Social media guru? Offer those skills to your local wildlife charity
    • Find wildlife volunteer opportunities 


      • Lace up and participate in a charity run 
      • Dive in and organize your own virtual charity event. Remember: Birthdays are events too :)
      • Feeling flush and want to contribute? You don't need an event to take action. Donations are critical for charities to continue to do what they do.